Our Philisophy

For Saints and Sinners Chasing the Balance

We at myntology believe that life is to be lived and enjoyed. That said, in order to keep your body running for the long haul, there does need to be a balance.

So many wellness sites preach a life of abstinence in all its forms: food, alcohol, sex, and FUN. How realistic is that? Life it about enjoying yourself in every way, otherwise what's the point??? We all need to be a little naughty from time to time, and we need to have the tools to get ourselves back on whatever "wagon" we fell off of. Variety is the spice of life, and not everything that is "fun" is bad for you, and sometimes being a little "bad" can actually be really good for you.

Myntology: fitness and wellness for saints and sinners. For all of us chasing the balance.

-William Heath & Lori Wasserman

Myntology Founders

What We Do

Myntology is your one stop resource for all things fitness, wellness and nutrition: think news, entertainment, reviews, apps, technology, and more. We are the catalyst that helps you achieve your goals, so use Myntology as a discovery tool. You will find both original and aggregated content meant to educate, give insight, and provoke thought.
Why us? We won't post anything that we wouldn't be totally stoked to read ourselves, and we, ourselves, kick ass.

We are here to help you chase the balance in everyday life.

Who We Are

We're either well-rounded or contradictions, it all depends on how you look at it. We love the feeling of juice from a steamy burger dripping down our chins just as much as we love the sensation of sweat seeping out of our pores during a ridiculous bikram yoga class. We think variety is the spice of life, and not everything that is fun is bad for you and sometimes being a little bad can actually be really good for you. Our philosophy is balance. In order to keep our bodies running for the long hall, there's got to be some.

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What does Myntology mean?

Ugh, we hate this question. The word itself--we made it up--and that's all we can give you. But we felt a new word was necessary to cover our philosophy, which is that every individual has his or her own definition of balance.

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We're doing our best to accommodate our readers. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so keep squeaking and we'll keep you posted.