You are what you eat, and drink, so this is a good place to start.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
May 14, 2014
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Yes it is....for both your body and the environment.

If you look at any of the healthiest cultures in the world, their secret to longevity and health stems directly from the fact that they are eating whole, organic foods the way nature intended them. NO processing, NO hormones, NO pesticides, NO genetic modification. These cultures live into their 90s and beyond with minimal disease, next to no obesity and maximum vitality.

Beef, fish, cheese, milk, eggs, grains, veggies, fruits, fats – they eat it all, in its natural form and they thrive. So stop worrying about whether or not you should eat that steak and start worrying about where it came from. Was it given steroids? Antibiotics? Was it Free Range? Grass Fed or Grain Fed? Cows in the wild DO NOT eat corn by the way, which is what they are fed at large cattle farms to fatten them up. Where your meat comes from is a big deal. Chicken and beef that come from large farms where they are given steroids and antibiotics are just as bad for you as processed foods. Same goes for milk and eggs.


Organic IS really better. Pesticides used on conventionally grown fruit and veg are poisons – PERIOD. The way they keep bugs off the plants is to KILL them. The pesticides attack the bug’s endocrine system. What do you think that does to our systems when we consume the pesticide treated produce? The plants are showered in KNOWN cancer causing pesticides that we then take home and eat! Washing your fruit and veg helps a bit, but when the plants are watered, the pesticides run off into the soil and are absorbed through the roots, into the fruit of the plant ie: the actual fruit or veg. So it’s not just on the outside and you can’t just wash it off.

Organic is also better for the earth. All the pesticides seeping into the soil, ruins the soil’s integrity and it poisons the ground water.

Organic is more expensive at the grocery store because: 1) it takes 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars to become certified organic – along with yearly inspections, 2) because they don’t use pesticides they lose a certain amount of crop to pests and disease, and 3) Organic farms are usually smaller than the huge conventional farms – meaning less crop to sell.

If you want to eat organic, but don’t want to pay the supermarket prices, shop locally at farm stands and organic food co-ops! Some farms can’t afford to become certified organic but they don’t use pesticides and are just organic without the certification. It’s called Nutra-Farming! All the organic – none of the price.

For those doubters out there, do a taste test. Get organic milk and non-organic milk and taste the difference. It’s significant. Now think about all the other foods that must taste better when they are organic!

Food as created by nature, is as it’s meant to be consumed. Whole foods have the correct balance of everything needed for optimum digestion and absorption. Processed foods are devoid of the natural enzymes in whole foods that help in maximum absorption.  White rice is brown rice with the Bran and Germ removed (outer shell). This is an example of a processed food. When you remove the Bran and Germ you are removing the fiber and enzymes needed to help you digest the rice and you are left with just the starch which has next to zero nutritional value.

Why mess with a good thing? Eat whole foods, stay away from processed foods and whenever you can try to buy locally and organic.