Sleepy? Sleepless? Read on, grasshopper.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
March 22, 2017
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Feeling a bit yawny today?

Looking for a boost at the bottom of an energy drink will only leave you crashing from caffeine. The best way to rev up your energy levels is to replace all the vitamin missing from your system to get your internal clock ticking again.


Quercetin: (500 mg 2x a day) In a recent study on healthy college students who were on stationary bikes, those who were taking Quercetin were able to pedal 14% longer than the placebo group – pretty impressive. How it works: Quercetin helps the body create more mitochondria (the body’s cellular energy power plants), allowing for more energy to be created in your cells. Quercetin has also been proven to help alleviate allergies – it’s a natural antihistamine. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Vitamin B Complex: (Once a day) A whole-food based Vitamin B Complex is best. The others are made synthetically and are not as readily absorbed or as effective. Vitamin B Complex comprises all of the essential B Vitamins – Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12 plus the vitamins Biotin, Choline and Inositol. Vitamin B Complex is needed for the proper functioning of almost every process in the body. Vitamin B1 is needed to help convert the carbohydrates we eat into glucose. Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Biotin are all needed at a cellular level to convert glucose into energy.  B12 is directly linked to energy production in the body and a very common deficiency in most adults. A deficiency in any of these vitamins can lead to decreased energy production and fatigue. So kick your tired ass into gear with this complete vitamin.

Vitamin D: (5,000 mg once a dayVitamin D is related to mood and energy levels and plays a role in winter SAD (seasonal affective disorder) – a seasonal mood disorder or depression that affects people who don’t get enough sunshine during the winter months – which is anyone living above Georgia in the US. Taking a Vitamin D supplement will shake off the fogginess and have you feeling shiny and new in a week.


Give these vitamins a couple of weeks to really kick in, but expect to notice a spring in your step in just a few days.  Ditch the energy drinks and increase your water intake.