You are what you eat, and drink, so this is a good place to start.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
August 30, 2017
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Green tea has been touted as a health hero. Here's the breakdown...

Chinese legend has it that a man named Shien Non Shei was going about his usual business when he tasted a leaf from a tea plant. He thought it tasted pleasant and light. He also had a hunch it contained medicinal properties. Too bad for him there was no patent office back then.

With advances in research we are learning why going green has such positive effects on how our bodies function.


Green tea contains high levels of the anti-oxidant EGCG, which subdue free radicals in our system. You know, those little buggers that can lead to a host of diseases – none of which you want. In 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute released a study that showed a 60% reduction in esophageal cancer for green tea sipping Chinese men and women alike. Nobody has to be envious of green tea drinkers because it’s pretty simple to become one yourself! Here are a few other reasons why you should start steeping sooner than later.

  •  Lean, Green, Fighting Machine

Green tea can aid any diet or workout regimen. The caffeine in the tea boosts the rate at which we burn calories. Although green tea won’t forcefully incinerate the pounds like Fen-Phen (ahhh, the good old days), it does add a healthy boost to any motivated dieter looking for ways to compliment their weight loss plan.

  •  Go Green for Your Heart

Green tea is directly linked to heart health. Drinking any amount of green tea regularly makes our hearts prepared; in fact, becoming a regular drinker of the stuff gives a person a 40% better chance of surviving a heart attack. Don’t plan on having a heart attack? Green tea drinkers consuming 1-2 cups daily reduce their risk of heart disease and their risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) by 50%. Think about that the next time you’re downing one of those cheesy-crust pizzas.

  •  Green Peace

Theanine, a compound exclusive to tea, counteracts some of the stimulant effects of the caffeine while keeping your blood pressure in the “safe range.” Theanine, one of Nature’s own stress remedies, reduces stress and relieves anxiety. Your serotonin and dopamine levels are affected in a manner that exacerbates relaxation without sacrificing clarity of thought after drinking tea.