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JayneKraman - Author  | 
March 30, 2017
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The most important form of nourishment...

With 2014 ahead of us – a blank canvas waiting to be created – we often forget about the most important form of nourishment we all need. In fact, it makes ALL the difference in the world to how truly healthy we are…

Food is defined as any material, usually of plant or animal origin, containing or consisting of essential body nutrients. Things like carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, or minerals are what is taken in and assimilated by your body in order to maintain life and facilitate growth.

While it is up to you to consume a whole food meal like fish, brown rice and vegetables, or a candy bar with a canned energy drink, your body will, whether immediately or in the long term, let you you know how it feels about it.


Primary Food includes spirituality, career, relationships and physical activity–that which nourishes you, yet is not eaten.

If you are overly anxious, stressed out and fearful over work, relationships or even your diet, it will not matter how many organic vegetables you cram down your throat – doubtful you will get the full intended result. Such feelings create an overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system (simply – nerves that originate in the center of your spine and lower back that prepare your body for action “fight or flight”, getting your heartbeat going, dilating your pupils, etc.) which can lead to conditions like high blood pressure and the full array of digestive disorders. There is a constant two way conversation going on between the mind and body, and these signals influence each other creating either illness, the groundwork for “conditions” or healing. How you feel, what your mind is focused on, creates changes in your body – it is FOOD.

The spirit is the non-physical essence of a person. Someone with an awareness of himself through study, a belief system, whatever, is more centered and in a better position to reap the benefits of or handle whatever physical influences come his way. Whether you accept the spirit as fundamental truth or feel it is unsubstantiated nonsense, you have to admit that the most inspiring books, novels, music and art deal with the human spirit overcoming insurmountable odds and surviving. Note that many of these heroic type characters were not on a good diet…I’ll let you come up with those on your own.

The overall point here is that when you want to accomplish health and wellness long term LOOK AT EVERYTHING, not just what you put in your mouth. A fundamental truth in traditional Chinese medicine is that all visible illness is preceded by invisible illness. That disease begins as a disturbance around the body, and if not handled it will move forward and cause changes INSIDE the body. Be well, eat well and do not underestimate the power of YOU!