From the gym to the park it's time to get sweaty.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
March 31, 2014
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You've just overdone it at the gym...

Maybe you ran farther than ever before or just took the advanced yoga class when you’re really just a beginner because “how hard could it be?”… Just had your first personal training session with the overly enthusiastic new guy? The reasons are endless and unless you’d like to be crippled for the next week, an ice bath is what your body needs – PRONTO.

Ice baths are commonly practiced among elite athletes. When you work out your muscles, you create microscopic tears in the fibers. This is actually a good thing when you’re trying to get fit or build muscle. As the tiny fibers heal, they grow to accommodate what your body considers your new muscle needs to be. When you overdo it, those tiny tears are more in number and become the raging pain and soreness you wake up with the next day forcing you to move around like your grandma.


An ice bath after you overdo it is like icing an injury. It reduces the inflammation caused by the tears in your muscles and greatly reduces the pain and soreness you will have over the next few days. It’s saved us many times when we’ve gotten a little too “enthusiastic.”

Your first inclination might be to take a hot bath or shower to “soothe” the muscles. BAD IDEA. The heat will only exacerbate the inflammation already building in your muscles. Like any other injury: ICE the first 24hrs.

On your way home from the gym, stop by the local deli and grab a few bags of ice. Yup, we said A FEW BAGS – at least 3. Fill your tub ½  way with COLD water. Dump all the ice in the tub. Put on a bathing suit and slowly lower yourself in. This will NOT be a pleasant experience, but stick with it. Once you’ve settled in, stay there for a bit – 14 minutes is ideal to quell the inflammation.

It won’t be as fun as a hot tub filled with hotties, but it will keep you from moving like a little old lady for the next 5 days – and isn’t that the point?


* Those  with serious heart conditions should not be taking ice baths OR overdoing it at the gym.