You are what you eat, and drink, so this is a good place to start.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
May 29, 2015
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Spring has sprung!

And with it comes the bevy of gorgeous blooms that brighten our gardens and our lives. Did you know that many of those colorful beauties are not only edible, but really good for you?

For ages, edible flowers have been a part of homeopathic medicine. Whether in teas or tinctures, their health benefits range from antioxidants to anxiety relief.

When choosing edible flowers, you MUST choose organic. You don’t want to be eating pesticides! The best route is to grow your own in your garden or window box. Start with a really hearty organic soil to feed and create healthy hearty plants. Skip the chemicals and you have the perfect addition right there at your finger tips!

Whether you put them in a salad, on top of a cake or steep them in a tea, they add color, a light flavor and distinctive beauty to any ordinary occasion.


Violet: These are at the top of the list when sugared. Perfect for all baked goods and just gorgeous to look at.

Lavender: These zen-like purple buds are great for spring and summer garnishes. Yummy when used for salads, iced teas, lavender lemonade, lavender sugar cookies and perfect for scenting your bathroom or linen closet.

Daylily: These beautiful blooms are voracious, hardy, and come back yearly after only one planting. High in B vitamins they make a stunning garnish to any dish.

Hibiscus: Regarded for their beauty, the secret to these amazing blooms lie in their ability to reduce blood pressure when taken as a tea.

Chysanthemum: Happy perky flowers that come in a rainbow of colors, perfect for dressing up salads and cakes.

Marigold: Small, bright hearty and easy to grow, these look glorious on cupcakes or in a hearty spinach salad with pecans.

Rose: A perfect pairing when left to steep in water, or added to a chocolate cake.

Chamomile: The tiny, daisy-like flowers look lovely in a salad and are fantastic in a tea or baked into cookies or a cake.

Lilac: Nothing says spring like Lilacs. Their light flowery scent fills the room and their blossoms are fantastic added to a salad, fruit salad or steeped for an addition to a peppermint iced tea or lemonade.