Sleepy? Sleepless? Read on, grasshopper.


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November 25, 2015
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This year let's all try to avoid the post-turkey coma...

You may not walk off your in-law woes, your drunk cousin’s boorish banter, or even your entire 3,000 calorie meal (the average individual caloric intake on Thanksgiving) this turkey day, but you can waddle your way to better digestion and a post indulgent-dinner evening for which you may actually be….AWAKE!

Sure, curling up into a ball after Thanksgiving dinner often feels like the right or ONLY next move – but push through the lethargy, say “NO!” to those sleep-inducing tryptophans, and take a walk! Your digestive track will thank you.


Why? Because walking after eating accomplishes two important functions: It gets your circulation going, which stimulates digestion, and it releases the kind of enzymes needed to break down food. Also, according to new research out of Indiana University, physical activity after a fatty meal can actually reverse the kind of arterial dysfunction fat-laden foods have been known to cause.

According to Indiana U Bloomington’s Department of Kinesiology, after a high-fat chow fest, your arteries aren’t doing so hot, and they briefly look like those that belong to people with dreaded heart disease. Exercising post pig-out, the study showed, can actually HELP the heart vessels expand in response to increased blood flow caused by fat intake. This is what your body needs to do, but may struggle with if, say…. you’ve gone fetal on the couch.

So, since turkey day is all about giving, why not give your heart vessels and digestive system, even your guests (get the whole crew to hoof it), a healthful treat. Eat LOTS, then rally the troops for a quick, painless 10-minute walk in the crisp November air. The football game will still be on when you return…


* Article written by Logan Orlando