From the gym to the park it's time to get sweaty.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
August 14, 2017
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Sometimes you just want to hit something….HARD….and repetitively.

When your mother told you “We don’t hit people”, she clearly wasn’t talking about boxing, just your siblings.

It’s perfectly normal to get so riled up in today’s society that you literally want to shove people on the street, and for no good reason at all. Back in the day, people worked HARD – physically. They plowed the fields, they built things, they had physically demanding lives that drained them of the pent-up excess stress. Today, most of us just sit at a desk in front of a computer, stuffing down our resentment and anger with another couple of doughnuts from the coffee room. That is a recipe for disaster. That is how people either go ballistic on their work mates and make the front page of the paper or get ulcers and go bald from not letting go of the stress. This is where boxing’s brilliance shines through! You get to hit things REALLY hard, drain your excess anger, burn a ton of calories and build a fantastic body in the process! Boxing has it all.


I think we can all agree that boxers have amazing physiques and incredible endurance. This comes from their training. They are bred to be fighting machines. To go harder and longer than any other athlete. They are the elite.

You don’t have to actually get in the ring and spar with Floyd Mayweather to benefit from boxing’s process.

Boxing classes and one-on-one training uses these techniques to build your body. Hitting a bag or just air punches done repetitively will wipe you out. It’s an amazing cardio workout that also builds amazing shoulders, biceps, triceps and lats. Add in some fancy foot-work and you’ve got a full-body workout in just an hour. You’ll sweat like an animal and sleep like a baby that night. You’ll feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ll bypass adding laxatives to your boss’ coffee. You might just be chipper the next day.

Most people will burn between 400 – 900 calories in a boxing class.

To get the real deal, you want to go to a boxing gym – the kind where actual fighters go to train. If you can’t find one near you, check to see if you gym has a trainer that specializes in boxing or has a boxing class. Most of those classes are taught by trainers who have a background in boxing. If all else fails there is always the boxing DVD. You don’t even need to have a heavy-bag!