From the gym to the park it's time to get sweaty.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
May 8, 2018
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It's not just for the girls...

What do Hugh Jackman, Madonna, Gwenyth Paltrow, Gisele Bundchen, Daniel Craig and some of the hottest bodies on the planet all have in common? What do professional football, basketball, soccer and baseball players all have in common? They all incorporate Pilates as part of their regular workout routine.

Joseph Pilates studied many kinds of self-improvement systems. He drew from Eastern practices and Zen Buddhism and was inspired by the ancient Greek ideal of man “perfected in development of body, mind, and spirit.” On his way to developing the Pilates Method, Joseph Pilates studied anatomy and developed himself as a body builder, a wrestler, gymnast, boxer, skier, and diver (not a bad resume if you ask us). All this experience led him to develop the Pilates Method of exercise….and it will kick that bod of yours right into shape!

The Power of Pilates

Pilates considers the “powerhouse,” or center, of the body to be the abdomen, back, and buttocks, and considers all movement to originate from that center. To “center” during any exercise is to become aware of the alignment of the body and to use the Powerhouse as the initiator of the movement. All movements are controlled movements – this forces you to focus on what you are doing and really get the most out of each movement. Using breath and flow, Pilates is a body and mind workout that will lengthen and tone your body while helping it to recover from injuries (and strengthen your body to prevent further injury).

So what kind of benefits will you get from doing Pilates?

Stress relief

Body toning and shaping

Improved posture

A booty you could bounce quarters off of

Flat stomach and tighter abs

Flexibility and alignment strength

Improved balance and coordination

Increased all over body strength

Pilates makes everything else better. If you’re a yoga buff – Pilates makes your practice better. If you’re a runner – Pilates makes running easier. If you’re a weights person – Pilates really lengthens those muscles and helps prevent injury.

If you haven’t tried Pilates yet, take a mat class. If you can afford it, try a one on one session with an instructor. It’s challenging, effective and pretty amazing!