From the gym to the park it's time to get sweaty.


Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
April 29, 2016
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This joyous workout will have you dripping with sweat and feeling like a kid again!

Rebounding (a workout on a personal sized trampoline – “trampy” get it?), isn’t a new fitness fad…as a matter of fact, it started to gain popularity in the 70s and early 80s with some truly hilarious workout videos (think Jane Fonda on a trampoline, headband, leotard and all. Feel free to get some fashion inspiration.). These days it’s the perfect workout for those who detest working out. You can be practically an invalid and do something on your rebounder that will help to strengthen your body – even just a light bounce. You can go from the “healthy bounce” (a slight bounce), which helps with fluid retention and circulation, to a full-on workout that hits every major muscle group and system in your body.


The benefits of rebounding were originally discovered by Dr. C. Samuel West. This exercise is unique because it utilizes the force of gravity – 1.5x the force of gravity to be exact.

At the top of the bounce, your body becomes completely weightless and then as you reach the bottom of the bounce, you experience the force of  1.5 Gs (1.5 times the force of gravity). This action stimulates the lymphatic system to work more efficiently in clearing out waste matter in the body and improves the immune system.

Rebounding has been studied by NASA (way cool) and has been found to be 68% more oxygen efficient than other forms of exercise. That means you can exercise quite vigorously on a trampoline without feeling out of breath, but still earn the same benefits you would from jogging on pavement.

Since there is no heavy stress on joints and the knees, people with arthritis can exercise without the impact issues. It removes concerns about shin-splints and knee problems associated with exercise on a hard surface.


 Extensive tests have shown that this exercise is extremely helpful in treating patients with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. People with Arthritis can’t engage in strenuous activity, but just a few minutes 2 or 3 times a day on the rebounder can significantly reduce symptoms. Bouncing can take the place of jogging and provide the same benefits.


Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Circulation:
 Rebounding strengthens the heart muscle and all the cells of the body. The stronger the heart muscle, the less work it has to do to pump blood around your body. At the same time, the strengthened muscles of the body become more efficient. The lymphatic system becomes more efficient at clearing waste such as cholesterol from the system, resulting in lower blood pressure.


Increased Metabolism:
 Regular rebounding will cause your base metabolic rate to become increasingly more efficient – translating to better muscle tone and weight loss. You are actually re-training each cell to perform as it did when we were younger. Once you have re-set your metabolism, you will burn more calories at a higher rate–yippee!


Build Bone Mass:
 The study done by NASA also showed that rebounding was the best exercise to rebuild the bone loss of astronauts whose continued weightless state (in space…duh) caused them to lose up to 15% bone mass in only 2 weeks. This same exercise can be used by anyone (especially women) to prevent osteoporosis and actually reverse the damage already done.


Fight Depression and Stress:
 The positive effects of rebounding on stress levels have been studied in depth: Dr. Morton Walker, in his book “Jumping for Health”, describes 30 specific anti-stress benefits of rebounding.


So get out there, channel your inner 7 year old and BOUNCE your way to giddy bliss and a toner, fitter you!