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Lori Wasserman - Author  | 
December 17, 2013
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Just because we don't believe in Santa anymore, doesn't mean we don't keep our own list of who's been Naughty or Nice.

Now naughty can be many things, both good and bad….so here’s a list of gift ideas for the obnoxious to the wonderfully “naughty” people in your life!


Lump of Coal (candy): Know someone that has been less than nice this year? Want to get your point across with a bit of humor and sweetness? Why  not send them a bag of coal? Yummy cinnamon candies that look like real pieces of coal and come in their own Santa approved coal bag. $3.95 for a 2oz bag

Voli Vodka: Have a friend or co-worker in your life that loves their vodka more than oxygen? Just looking for a tasteful, unique gift? Then a bottle or two of Voli Vodka is the way to go. With 25 – 40% less calories than regular vodka and flavors like raspberry-cocoa, orange-vanilla, pear-vanilla, lemon and lyte, sure to knock their socks off. You’ll be making their holiday and definitely their “nice” list!

Vosges Mini Dark Exotic Candy Bar Library: For your bestie who has seen you through everything and remains your sacred secret keeper (thank god!!!), or the skinny bitch at the office who is angling for your job; these exotic, haute, chocolates either say “I love you” or “I hope you get cellulite” with a sweet smile! Amazing, exotic flavors like bacon, wasabi, lavender and chili pepper pairings that will send your taste buds to heaven! You may never go back to “regular” chocolate again. $25 Looking for a way to spice it up in the bedroom with your partner? Have a friend that could use some quality “alone time”? Know someone who is just a bit frisky? is the leader in sexy toys for girls and boys. Naughty has never been so much fun!

Sir Richard’s Condoms: Have safe sex and help save the world – literally. If you have a special someone on your “naughty-in-a-good-way” list, these make great stocking stuffers! For every condom purchased from Sir Richard’s they donate a condom to a developing country where sexually transmitted diseases are a a truly life threatening issue. To date they have donated 500,000 condoms to Haiti! The best part? They are free from all those yucky chemicals and additives that no one want on or in their body *wink-wink*.